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Spanish Courses Information


The Spanish courses are structured for various levels according to the requirements for the European Mark and the curriculum for Instituto Cervantes. The objective is to give students the strategies and necessary know-how's to cope in a Spanish environment by being able to communicate.

We offer general Spanish courses under Group and Individual Tutoring to meet your needs.

Private instruction is provided on a weekly basis, starting at 1 hour per day and on. Group classes are offered in groups no larger than 8 students, for 4 and 6 academic hours per day (45 minutes per academic hour), depending on your learning needs. Group and individual tutoring can also be combined to enhance your learning experience!

The options are:

General Spanish Courses

Intensive 20 (4 academic hours per day)
This general Spanish language course is perfectly designed to learn the language and allow students free time to enjoy their stay in Spain, or give them time to honour their work commitments.

Intensive 30 (6 academic hours per day)
In addition to general Spanish practice, this program is especially designed for:
Any professional who is looking to get the most from their time in Spain, and who may be short of time to commit to attending for a certain period of time.
Students who need to prepare in-depth for Spanish exams in their own country or those who want to take the D.E.L.E. exam.
German professionals who are involved in the Bildungsurlaub project.

Intensive 20 + Private 5 (25 academic hours per week)
This will allow you to enjoy a general Spanish language course with other students of different nationalities + 1 extra private class designed and tailor-made to cater to your specific interests.

Under this modality, upper intermediate learners can benefit from the following courses:

  • Spanish for Business
    This course is aimed at those who can understand and speak Spanish. You will cover new aspects of the language, learn correct grammar structures and define concepts in both spoken and written Spanish both necessary and appropriate for the Business world.
  • History, Language, and Culture
    A detailed Spanish Course looking into history, art and economics through the ages.

General Spanish Courses

Children's Summer Cocktail (ages 6 to 10, July and August)
Consisting of 2 Spanish lessons per day + multi activity program, Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Classes and activities are organized by our native teachers in a friendly and relaxed way using games, songs, counting etc. Handicraft workshops, cooking workshops, games and other activities are offered by specialised monitors.

Teen's Summer Cocktail (ages 10 to 16, July and August)
Consisting of 2 Spanish lessons per day + nautical activities and light sailing, Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 2 PM. All necessary equipment will be provided by the school.

D.E.L.E.Preparation course
The examinations consist of five tests, each of which includes different exercises. To obtain the Diploma in Spanish, at Beginner, Intermediate or Proficiency level, candidates must pass all the tests on the same examination date. *Please contact us for more information regarding the DELE Preparation course and examination.

Spanish Courses Levels

We offer 6 different levels of Spanish, divided into 12 units:

  • Beginner I and II (A1)
  • Elementary III and IV (A2)
  • Low Intermediate V and VI (B1)
  • Upper Intermediate VII and VIII (B2)
  • Advanced IX and X (C1)
  • Proficiency XI and XII (C2)

To determine your level of Spanish, your skills are evaluated prior to begin classes on your first day of classes.

USA: 1-866-306 5040
England: 0-800-404 9844
Australia: 1-800-0611 0136
Canada: 1-877-442 0845
New Zealand: 0-800-449-282

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM CST Saturday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST

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