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Extra Curricular Activities


Enjoy a language based holiday on the Costa Blanca!

Denia has everything for the discerning traveller: Scenic coastline, historic old town, outstanding gastronomy and endless cultural and outdoor activities. As well as excursions in the open -air, there are other excursions in surrounding cities and villages along the coast. The Arts and Science Centre (La ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias) as well as the oceanarium (Oceanográfico) in Valencia and “Terra Mítica” theme park in Benidorm. Every week, there are also leisure and social activities such as cinema trips, excursions, visits to the museum, etc. which help students get to know each other, enabling them to practice what they have learnt in class.

Friday trips to the market
Fridays at midday there is a street market where you can buy fruit at good prices. Come with us to see what's on sale and practice your bargaining skills in Spanish!

Visit to La Lonja fish market
This activity gives you the opportunity to see the incoming ships at the harbour. You can see a great variety of fish when they unload their ships and at the auction at the fish market.

Visit to The Castle, the landmark of Denia
Come with us to visit the castle and learn more about the history of Denia, or just to enjoy the beautiful views of Denia and the surrounding area.

Hiking through the Mount Mongo National Park
Denia offers everyone a wide range of excursions. There will be the option to participate in a walk through the "Natural Park" or to do some excursions on bicycle. A lot of students from our school enjoy these excursions, as it is a great way to meet other people and to practice their Spanish.

Valencian Cooking
From delicious Paella and other traditional Spanish dishes, to top gourmet cuisine; learn and enjoy the different tastes the Mediterranean has to offer!

Beach Tour
Over 12.5 miles (20 kilometres) of coast to explore the many different types of beaches, and enjoy the beautiful landscape of crystal clear waters and unmatched beauty!

Summer is a great time to do activities in the fresh air. This activity offers you the opportunity to play volleyball at the beach with other students from our school. After the match you can have some refreshments at the Beach Bar and discuss the match.

Other sporting activities you can enjoy after classes during the summer and throughout the year are surfing, canoeing, diving, sailing, tennis, horseback riding, cycling, quad bike rides, and much more!

****Combine your Spanish program with your favourite sea activity! ****

Intensive Spanish classes plus Sailing, and Intensive classes plus Diving are available starting at one week and on for learners of all levels!

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