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Extra curricular Activities


Every afternoon cultural activities take place to enable students to become more acquainted with Ecuadorian traditions through its music and gastronomy. Afternoon dancing and cooking classes are available, as well as workshops on history, idiomatic expressions, culture, politics, ecology, and more. Weekend tours and excursions to surrounding areas are also a must when studying Spanish at our school, and you can enjoy a visit to National Park El Caja, the Ingapirca ruins, indigenous villages, hiking to the peak of the Andes Mountains, and more!

Salsa Lessons

By learning a local language you can also learn about the various aspects of the culture where it is spoken. Music and dancing, particularly salsa is the essence of the Latino culture. For this reason, the school offers afternoon dancing lessons once a week.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this activity regardless if you are a salsa-pro or if you have never danced before. The dance instructor is a professional dancer and is prepared to make you dance your feet away!


Learn the secrets of Ecuadorian cuisine, from finding the right ingredients at a local market to the preparation and tasting process, cooking lessons are very entertaining!

In this class students not only learn how to prepare typical dishes, but they also receive information about Ecuadorian culinary arts and the country’s wide and diverse selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs, cereals, etc.


The Incan ruins of Ingapirca are considered Ecuador’s most important archaeological site. There can still be found many of the massive fortifications and temples of the Incas, which boast some of their finest timeless stonework. A tour to Ingapirca will make you live a fascinating time that you should not miss while visiting Cuenca.

Weekend Tours and Excursions

Every weekend trip out of Cuenca is offered either on one or two days. These include a visit to the National Park of El Cajas to explore some of the lakes in the area, mountain biking, trout fishing in Andean lakes, visits to local "fiestas", visits to the city of Guayaquil, and Jungle tours. The colorful markets of Gualaceo and the handicraft town of Chordeleg are only 30 minutes from Cuenca.

Going on the weekend trips is a great way of meeting other students, and experiencing other locations in such beautiful country! Tours and excursions are arranged for an additional low fee.

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