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Extra Curricular Activities


At no additional cost we highly recommend and encourage you to participate in the daily latin dance classes, weekly cooking lessons, and the two extra conversation sessions offered weekly.

Extra conversation

Improve your oral skills with our extra "Conversation Hour" held twice a week. Students get the opportunity to learn about the Costa Rican culture, share experiences and practice speaking Spanish. You may grab a fresh cup of coffee and sit in a relaxed atmosphere with one of our Spanish instructors to learn new vocabulary and discuss various topics such as current events and cultural differences.

Latin American Songs

Learn more about the Latin American culture through music. Each week students will learn songs by different Hispanic singers; from the protest lyrics of Mercedes Sosa to the latest music by artists such as Shakira and Juanes.

Cultural Activities

Throughout the year our school organizes cultural activities where students and staff enjoy typical music, folkloric dance, visits to museums, etc. The most popular activities include 15th of September (Independence Day) celebrations, student - Tico exchange, handicraft fair and soccer games.

Don't miss the graduation ceremony on your last Thursday at the school! Several of the 4-week programs include a free one-day excursions or gym membership. Check out our Spanish Program Fees to see which programs apply and be sure to check with the front desk to reserve your tours and/or gym.

Other Extra Curricular Activities (paid separately)

We offer students the option of participating as a volunteer in local social and environmental development programs. Students can work side by side with Costa Ricans in efforts that respond to different needs. The school provides the option of combining Spanish learning with volunteer work, travel and other interests. Since 1990, our Volunteer Department has arranged rewarding work for over 4,000 students in environment conservation projects, national parks, animal rescue centers as well as social institutions with children or the elderly.

The school helps set up volunteer work for many of the enrolled students. The options depend on your interests, length of stay (some require a minimum of 4-8 weeks), your experience, institutional requirements, etc. If you are interested in doing volunteer work in a national park, there is a fee per day for room and board. Other institutions expect volunteers to cover other expenses besides room & board (such as transportation); if volunteering in a social program in or around San Jose, volunteers remain with the host family. You can check with the school coordinators for detailed information when you arrive.

Excursions: At the front desk ask for information on a variety of wonderful tours at discounted rates for our students. Bilingual staff will provide ample information and help by booking tours, reserving hotels, getting bus tickets, etc. - you just need to decide and pay for the tour! You may select a one-day, two-day or long weekend excursion, to a national park, to peak inside the crater of a volcano, visit a tropical jungle, swim in the Pacific or Caribbean coasts, enjoy white water rafting or an exciting canopy or the aerial tram, relax in the hot springs of Arenal Volcano, see unique vegetation and animals in a cloud forest - so many things to see while learning Spanish. By attending our school and being in a small country like Costa Rica, you can go from one coast to the other, or enjoy the brisk cold temperatures in a volcano and the tropical heat in a beach during one single weekend.

Tours and Excursions

We want you to have the opportunity to explore Costa Rica while you study Spanish. We offer all our students advice and assistance in arranging trips to all parts of the country.

We are aware that most students travel on a tight budget, so as part of our personalized service, we will help you get the best prices possible on tours and hotels. (Instead of receiving a commission, we ask all tour operators and hotels to give a greater discount to our students.)

For your convenience, we also offer several packages that include an intensive 4-week Spanish course, homestay and weekend tours.

If you would like to travel independently, you can choose any Spanish program you wish and we can help you arrange your travel plans (information, tour reservations and discounts, bus tickets, hotel reservations, etc.)

The available tour options include:

  • Tour to Irazu Volcano, Orosi Valley & Lankaster Gardens
  • Tour to Poas Volcano, Grecia & Carchi
  • City Tour
  • Coffee Tour
  • White Water Rafting
  • Butterfly Farm and Zoo-Ave
  • Weekend Tortuguero Tour
  • Carara Biological Reserve & the Pacific Coast

Feel free to request further information.

USA: 1-866-306 5040
England: 0-800-404 9844
Australia: 1-800-0611 0136
Canada: 1-877-442 0845
New Zealand: 0-800-449-282

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM CST Saturday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST

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