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Volunteer Programs


Our non-profit organization Colectivo Derechos de la Niñes (Rights for children) wants to thank you, IMAC Spanish Language Programs, for all the attention offered throughout the year 2007. Without the solidarity you have provided, we could not have possibly brought as many smiles and such high level of support to our girls, boys and adolescents.
Derecho de la Niñez

A volunteer is someone who takes initiative, gets involved and makes a lasting contribution. The prospect of becoming a one is a chance to enhance one’s own experience in life, and also a chance to enhance the lives of so many who need the support. To be involved in administering care is indeed a rare and privileged position. In our daily lives, often there isn’t time to reflect about the opportunities that so readily exist for us and how grateful we should be to have all the things that we need. The person will not only be provided with perspective, but will also be enriched by a cultural exchange and the chance to travel to any area of interest. Upon returning to the home country, great changes will have taken place within and these experiences may certainly be a fantastic addition to a career portfolio. What will also occur is a reevaluation of what our role in the world is; a clearer understanding of the higher values of living and an enrichment of the spirit. You are a student, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a married couple, a retiree, someone who is committed to serving others in an open and friendly way. If you are one who is looking for an adventure, plans on being committed to social change and are without a doubt forward-thinking; these are the types of programs that may hold your interest.In Mexico, there are a variety of established social work organizations that are in place to render strong support for the underprivileged population. Some of these are privately run organizations which consist of large cross-sections of professionals offering everything from emergency health care to on-going life restructuring rehabilitation for exploited people. Our volunteers can be set up in one of their areas of interest which can vary greatly.

The volunteer could have the honor of providing English instruction to the children in Mexico who would not have access to such an opportunity because of impoverished conditions.
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Public Education:
Here is an opportunity to learn first-hand in the unique settings of rural, as well as, Mexican cities.
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Marine Conservation:
Join a group of progressive and forwarding thinking volunteers and work in marine conservation.
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Be someone who implements positive changes; ones that are the cause of putting smiles on children’s faces.
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Primary Education:
Provide a tremendous contribution to children at a stage in life when they are building the fundamental foundation for the rest of their lives.
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Secondary Education:
In the lower secondary schooling in Mexico there are two programs which vary in length and subjects of study.
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Globally there is an escalating number of seniors therefore there is an urgent need to reach out and provide support.
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Social Services:
The world is demanding more services to be provided to those who are not able to provide for themselves.
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Social Work:
If you are willing to work in the field and are keen on the sensitivities of unfortunate children, women, seniors, people with mental or physical disabilities then a volunteer placement in the field of social work is awaiting your response.
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With Mexico’s close proximity to English speaking USA there are many volunteer opportunities to teach English.
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Environmental Preservation:
This unique placement may be for those who are interested in the sciences or just for those who are interested in volunteering to help build more green spaces.
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Health Care:
Everything depends on the preservation of our health. Give medicine to children, and adults who are not able to afford it. Set up outdoor clinics for people who don’t have shelter.
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Disability Issues:
Contribute in a way to give support to those who can not support themselves.
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There is a great need for support of the unfortunate children in Mexican society.
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Academic Reinforcement:
Career counseling, helping children who are having problems learning and are falling behind would be the important duties learned in academic reinforcement.
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Adult Education:
Teaching adults is a specialized type of teaching.
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Community Centers:
This is a great opportunity for one who wants to work in the field of recreation. Recreation can cover a very wide scope including: dance, sports, arts, games, yoga, exercise, etc.
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Community Development:
Provided is an excellent opportunity to work with a wide range of professionals in Mexico to build structures such as schools or to clean up neighborhoods.
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Community Health:
Work closely with health care providers who provide care for the disenfranchised Mexicans.
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Youth Outreach Programs:
This a program designed specifically to counsel and redirect disenfranchised youth.
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Violence Against Women Relief:
Make a significant contribution by working for a charity supported shelter that can help provide relief for women who are escaping domestic violence.
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Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation:
Work with wild animals that have been rescued from certain death and help in rehabilitating them enabling them to be put back into their natural habitat.
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This is what the program for each one of the volunteer projects include:

  • Be matched with the type of work that you are interested in that would be based on most importantly your interests and your abilities.
  • All communications including in person interviews and contact with each local group that you will be working with.
  • A link with all recreational interests in your locality or cultural event that you may want to have access to.
  • A courteous well informed professional who will act as your agent and will guide you if you have any questions as you go along.
  • Language acquisition assistance if you have any barriers.
  • Local phone calls.
  • In-coming international phone service.
  • Internet access.
  • Official letter of recommendation and commendation upon the completion of your stay.
  • Health advice while staying in Mexico and connection with a local health service.
  • Unlimited access to our Multimedia Lab (email, Internet, interactive Spanish programs), free of charge.
  • Lectures and Focused conversation with Mexican students (Language and Cultural exchange group).
  • Plus Social activities.
  • Plus Salsa lessons.
  • Plus Karaoke club.
  • Plus Guitar lesson.

What is not included in the volunteer project:

  • International and domestic airfare and corresponding airport departure taxes.
  • Costs associated with obtaining a visa or immunizations (when needed).
  • Long-distance and international phone calls.
  • Extraneous entertainment, food or gifts.
  • Laundry service.
  • Items of a personal nature.
  • Gratuities.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Health Insurance.

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