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You will be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural and social activities here at IMAC in the historical downtown area, around the city of Guadalajara and even in your "own home" (homestay program). Virtually no other school offers the social and cultural activities we do, please click here to compare IMAC and other schools. We hope that you will take the time to explore some of these options and uncover the richness of the Mexican culture and the adventures Guadalajara has to offer such as.
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Extra Curricular Activities

The city of Guadalajara represents a unique perspective of Mexican culture and tradition. Extras have been incorporated into our Spanish learning Program. In our opinion, Spanish language immersion in Mexico also means allowing you to experience and enjoy the finest aspects of Mexican culture. In order to enhance your Spanish learning experience, the following extracurricular activities are provided as an optional part of your learning. You may choose the activities that are of most interest to you. The following extracurricular activities are currently offered:
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Wednesday City Talk Class

The City Talk Class provides you with the perfect opportunity to mingle with new people and admire some of the most relevant landmarks Guadalajara has to offer. Through this activity, your classroom is the entire city, and your classmates are other Mexican language students. Your professor will take your class, as part of the instruction, to visit sites like the 16th century Metropolitan Cathedral, the UNESCO World Heritage Instituto Cultural Cabañas, the artisan town of Tlaquepaque with its colorful markets for your shopping delight, and many more. Learn the language by living it!


One of the most valuable aspects of studying the Spanish language in Mexico is the opportunity to really live the culture of Mexico. An important part of our school’s program is that we provide our students with just such an opportunity. In addition to the wide variety of cultural events that take place here in the historical downtown area, which are always free of charge, our school organizes field trips to certain areas of special interest. Flexibility is a key feature in this program. Years of experience have taught us that not all students enjoy the same activities outside the classroom. There is a small additional charge for these excursions to cover the cost of transportation and the tour guide; our school does not receive any part of this fee. Though IMAC makes the arrangements for the excursions, students are asked to pay all fees directly to the service provider. Excursions are organized in and out of the city, enabling students to compare the enthusiasm and bustle of modern Mexico with the most provincial countryside. Students are responsible for their own meals during the excursions. If you have any particular parts of Mexico that you want to visit please do not hesitate to ask us and we will arrange a customized travel agenda for you for absolutely no charge.
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IMAC has arranged for a special short-term membership plan at a Guadalajara gym, for those students interested in keeping fit while they attend our Spanish program. This gym is a short 5 minute bus trip away from the school. This gym is very well equipped and offers excellent service.
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Volunteer Programs

As a socially responsible company, our school is well aware of the troubling situation in which many people around the world currently live and has undertaken a crusade to help as best as they can. This endeavor is something that we can not do alone. For this reason we have allied ourselves with various non-profit organizations committed to the betterment of society. Through this alliance we are able to offer all our registered students a great assortment of volunteer options absolutely for free! Many organizations charge their volunteers up to as much as $1,600.00 USD for things such as placement, assistance, and training fees.

You may view a detailed description of all the volunteer options we offer at the following link:
All living expenses run on the volunteer's account.

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